All services we offer can be completed at our central warehouse in Warboys Cambridgeshire or we can offer a fully mobile service covering the whole of East Anglia, Midlands, South Yorkshire, London and Kent. (we are able to travel further afield if required, including international please ask)

Inspections are made to EN14960 (the European Standard) there are three levels of inspection we can offer to our customers:


This service can be offered to manufacturers (both in the UK and overseas) to independently certify their design as fully complying with EN14960. It is also vital if you have purchased any inflatable products directly from overseas factories as many will not have carried out any kind of review.

It is also vital if you have purchased used items where they did not supply you with original certificates.

It has been European law since 2006 than any new inflatable’s that are to be used by the public must be certified to EN14960, you as an operator must ensure you have the relevant paperwork to show that a design review has taken place. When you buy any new unit the manufacturer or re-seller must supply this by law.


This is where each and every new unit produced from a factory must be inspected, in the first instance to ensure that the certified design has been followed, then to ensure correct manufacturing procedures with no omissions which may cause safety issues.


Many people in the industry liken this to a car MOT, we inspect each unit to ensure it has been maintained to safety standards as set out in EN14960, we can either issue a standard RPII certification or PIPA certification as required.


PAT (Electrical Safety Testing) : We can test all associated electrical equipment to PAT requirements and issue relevant safety test reports.

REPAIR SERVICES: Where a unit may fail a test, we can quote you for the work to bring it back to the standards required.

HEALTH AND SAFETY RISK ASSESSMENTS AND SAFE OPERATING PRACTICES: We have a full range of HSE risk assessments and safe operating practices for all major inflatable products, or for new equipment we can complete for you.

PROFESSIONAL LEGAL REPRESENTATION – If required we are able to represent in legal matters as an independent professional.