About Us

About RPII Inspectors

We have been hiring inflatable’s through our parent company https://www.aaainflatables.co.uk/ for several years now, boasting one of the largest fleets in East Anglia now with over 200 units in stock.

We have specialised in the corporate event day market with the use of unique and innovative new products.

With the introduction of EN14960 (the European Standard) we recognised the need to formalise our own inspection & safety recording as required under health and safety legislation, we believe that it is vital everyone in the industry embraces the European standard to help raise quality and safety for our users.

Through our repair service we have seen many different styles from most manufacturers of inflatable products both from the UK and also overseas, some good some not so good ! We have seen many different ways that manufacturers choose to make inflatable products and have a very good working knowledge of the benefits and drawbacks of different techniques.

We are fully independent, you will see on the RPII’s list of accredited inspectors that many are factory tied; this can give concern as to why they may fail some points on another manufacturer’s product.

We pride ourselves on being able to give an unbiased view of the safety implications and our ability to make a risk assessment as allowed under the RPII code of practice.